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With around a decade of industrial experience, modern production facilities, and service support of industrial professionals, Vikarsh Stampings India Pvt.Ltd. has been successful in meeting the specific requirements of a wide range of valued customers (both in India & abroad ) in products like Mitred Transformer Laminations , Toroidal cores, Rectangular Strips in CRGO and CRNO , Core Frame Assemblies, Slit coils,Uni-cores and Cut-cores.

The range of Transformer core Laminations covers 10 KVA to 100MVA.   In the case of Toroidal cores, upto a diameter of 1500 mm outside diameter. Vikarsh Stampings has spared no pains to ensure quality of its products by incorporating processes like CNC cutting ( of Transformer mitred core lamination), conveyorised annealing of Transformer laminations and Toroidal cores, and introduction of Step Lap concept for mitred cores.

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Mr.Sachin Patil

Director of Surekha Communication Pvt Ltd.

Its privilege for us to have an association with you for long period. We appreciate for your service. We are very happy  about your quality product, Packaging, and delivery on time.

We are satisfied and we look forward to continuing this relationship.

Mr Nisssar Shikalgaar

Director of Nissar Group